Pounding the Pavement

Campaigning is more than just knocking doors: it is an opportunity to positively interact with the communities that need progressive advocates most. By heading out of our local community to work with presidential, congressional, gubernatorial, and local candidates throughout the United States, we are committed to help elect progressive advocates up and down the ballot.


Campaigning with Sen. Cory Booker


Students campaign for Rep. Mikie Sherrill

Students with Rep. Jennifer Wexton


Advocating for Change

Being in D.C., GW College Democrats is at the center of advocating for the issues that matter to us most, from hosting events and conversations, attending protests, and organizing lobbying days: GW College Democrats take a front seat in advocating for progressive issues.


Training the Next Generation

From campaign boot camps, trainings to lead and inspire women to run for office, to learning field operations and working on campaigns, or helping them find internships to hone in their skills, we help train the next generation of political leaders.


From working with NARAL Pro-Choice America to campaign for pro-choice candidates, fundraising for Planned Parenthood to defend women’s health, to working with the Center for American Progress on equipping young people with the tools to take action and many more, GW College Democrats has worked alongside some of the leading progressive organizations in the nation to create change.

Fostering Bipartisan Dialogue

As Democrats, we value the importance of hosting conversations and fostering dialogue on campus. This is why we work to host debates between us and the GW College Republicans and other conservative organizations to have honest conversations about issues such as policy, legislation, governing, and more to try and find common ground and hear viewpoints from both sides.