Interested in joining a GWCD committee? Read more about each of our committees and what their role is in our organization. 



Committee Chair: Sarah Gregory - Events and Social Director

The events committee is responsible for planning the numerous social events hosted by the GW College Democrats throughout the academic year. This includes the annual Gala, several holiday & seasonal celebrations, and many more. The events committee falls under the Membership department, headed by the VP of Membership, which also includes the SDD of Mentorship and the SDD of Transfer Student Engagement. Together they work as a team to plan and carry out events to engage members, encourage prospective members to join, and maintain a welcoming, inclusive environment.



Committee Chair: TBD - SDD of Policy

The policy committee focuses on what policies we want the Democratic Party to adopt, what policies and backgrounds we look for in candidates, and which candidates we should focus our campaign efforts on in order to enact progressive policies. We are in the Political Affairs department, under the direction of the Campaign Director and the Senior Deputy Director of Policy & Strategy.



Committee Chair: TBD - SDD of Campaigns

The Campaign Committee has one primary mission: Elect Democrats to Congress. Through rigorous phone banking, canvassing,  texting, AND MORE, this committee will help elect progressive candidates to the House and the Senate. Campaigns will effectively communicate with the entirety of GW College Democrats to maximize impact and coordinate with a variety of races across the United States, with emphasis on the campaigns within a 6-hour radius of Washington, D.C.



Committee Chair: TBD - SDD of Photography

As a part of the GW College Democrat’s Communications Team, the photography committee serves to document and promote events. The committee is compromised of politically active strong photographers who cover every event Dems helps to plan. We meet and have group photo reviews and specific technique training to improve our skills. As a member of the photography you will take behind-the-scene pictures of our high profile speakers, document rallies and protests we participate in throughout the district and document our campaign trips across the region! Our photos are shared on GWCD's social media accounts and website to promote our organization.



Committee Chair: Andrew Sugrue - SDD of Publications

The Young & Blue is the student-run publication of the GW College Democrats. Our blog features a variety of pieces, all written by members of GWCD. The Young & Blue features opinions and statements relevant to the current political climate, personal experiences with activism, research articles on policy, interviews with prominent figures, and recaps and coverage of GWCD events. The goal of The Young & Blue is to highlight the work, showcase the experiences, and empower the voices of the thousands of Democrats at the George Washington University.


As a member of the blog committee and a staff writer for The Young & Blue, you will have the opportunity to write and publish pieces on issues you care about, assist fellow members with workshopping and editing their pieces, and gain invaluable writing and publishing experience. No prior experience in journalism or communications is necessary to being a part of The Young & Blue staff —anyone who wants to share their voice should consider joining!



Committee Chair: Amanda Msallem - Vice President of Community Service

The goal of the community service committee is to organize, plan and execute events involving volunteer work within the greater DC community. Committee members will be responsible for contacting organizations and groups in need of volunteers and working with them to plan and execute volunteer experiences. The committee will also help mobilize our members to join these volunteer opportunities.



Committee Chair: TBD - SDD of Debate

The debate committee is primarily focused on teaching members on how to effectively argue for democratic values. We continuously will hold discussions about our party's platform to create a unified message that will be used in events such as debates with other political organizations. As one of the largest organizations on campus, the message that we advocate for can make a huge difference. Therefore, the debate committee is dedicated to helping members explain and rationalize our position to the public.



Committee Chair: TBD - SDD of Activism

The activism committee's goal is to equip our members with the tools they need to better advocate for themselves and for others. We will target a variety of movements and social issues happening in DC and across the nation. Our committee will host events in preparation and coordinate the logistics of GWCD participation in rallies and marches. There is no better place to make your voice hear than the nation's capital.



Committee Chair: TBD - SDD of Mentorship

The mentorship committee will work on the mentorship program between freshman and upperclassmen. Members of this committee will help plan, execute, and oversee mentorship events as well as the overall logistics of the program. As a member you will be able to ensure freshman in the organization build long-lasting relationships with older members, while finding their own place in GWCDs!



Committee Chair: TBD - SDD of FemDems

The GW College Democrats Feminist Democrats (FemDems) Corp is a group of passionate young Democrats of all gender identities and diverse backgrounds dedicated to fighting for the economic and social equality of women in the political world and beyond. Through a variety of events organized by members of the corp and in partnership with other feminist groups on the GW campus, FemDems aims to educate students on issues including, but not limited to: the gender wage gap, women’s reproductive rights, and intersectional feminism.



Committee Chair: Regan Jackson - Vice President Development

The Development Committee will focus on the GW College Democrats finance department and the expansion of the club's reach. We will be in charge of fundraising for events and campaigns, working with the alumni association and other partners, finding new ways to reach a broader audience, and specifically planning the annual Planned Parenthood Gala. The committee is looking for candidates who are innovators, creative thinkers, and — most importantly — leaders.



Committee Chair: Nathan Yohn - Programming Director

The programming committee is dedicated to planning and organizing political events open to all GW students! We work hand-in-hand with politicians’ schedulers and assistants to coordinate panels and individual speaker events. We host events on a wide variety of topics, ranging from environmental issues to gun laws. Events are often co-sponsored with other committees or even similar organizations on campus. Joining the programming committee is a great start to learning how to build professional networks and improving your professional communication skills. Not only that, but it’s an opportunity to educate yourself on numerous issues facing our country! Some of our past speaker events have included Senator Bernie Sanders, Jason Kander, DNC Chair Tom Perez, and former Vice President Joseph Biden. We also organized amazing panels like gun violence prevention, the Paris Climate Accord and public health.



Committee Chairs: Freshmen Representatives

The Freshmen Committee is a hand-picked team of freshmen that seeks to represent and engage their peers here at the GW College Democrats. Since the freshmen formulate a significant portion of the club’s membership, it is integral that their collective voice is heard by the rest of the organization. Thus, this committee promotes the needs of the Freshmen to the Executive Board via two elected Freshmen Representatives who lead the committee. In addition, the team helps to create a cohesive atmosphere amongst the freshmen as they get to discover new and exciting experiences at GW and Dems. They host events and activities throughout the year to create an inclusive environment and to help freshmen grow as leaders and students at GW. 



Committee Chairs: TBD - SDD of LGBTQ+ Affairs

The LGBTQ+ affairs committee exists to ensure the inclusion of LGBTQ+ voices in political discussion and life, both within the GW Democrats community and the broader national political conversation. This creates a more diverse and representative group of people to make sure the needs of all are considered. On a practical level, this committee holds discussion meetings about relevant LGBTQ+ topics as well as fun, lighthearted LGBTQ+ - themed events for the GW Democrats community to come together.